Confused by Travel Requirements

These regulations seem daunting, but we've tried to break them down and make them less overwhelming. 

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We are here to help! Borders are opening and travel has cautiously restarted.  With this new beginning, new travel requirements have been implemented. At first glance, these regulations seem daunting, but there is a way to break them down and make them less overwhelming.   


Before You Go 

There has never been a more critical time to work with a Travel Advisor. The situation is still fluid, and you need someone in your corner as there is the possibility of changes. We recommend flying as directly as you can and to build some flexibility into your itinerary.  


For most countries that allow fully vaccinated travellers, without quarantine requirements, the protocol is: 

  1. Have proof of vaccination.  We recommend printing out a couple of copies of your vaccination record as well as having digital copies.  
  2. Pre-arrival registration via either a government website or app.
  3. This is the most varied requirement. For example, some European countries require it and others don’t. 

To find out the specific requirement of the country you want to visit, use our Travel Information Portal found here


While in Destination 

Even within a country, different regions might have different protocols for mask and vaccine requirements for different activities such as dining and attractions.  Be prepared and bring a number of masks with you and carry both a printed copy of your vaccine certificates as well as digital.  


Returning Home 

For Vaccinated Canadians returning home the requirements are: 

  1. Negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to your return. Many hotels, resorts and cruise lines are assisting with this.  
  2. Download the ArriveCan app from your app store and use it to submit your proof of vaccination.
  3. Tests upon arrival are no longer mandatory and only a few travellers will be randomly selected for testing.  
  4. There is no longer a mandatory quarantine for vaccinated Canadians however, you must have a quarantine plan in case the border agent determines it is necessary. 

For full entry requirements and information on requirements for unvaccinated travellers please refer to the Government of Canada website

Terms & Conditions

Connect with your travel advisor for more information and details.


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