Welcome to Australia - or, as the locals would say, g’day!

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Australia has so many iconic emblems that everyone wants to experience on a vacation there:  The Sydney Opera House.  Ayers Rock. Kangaroos. The Great Barrier Reef. Melbourne’s famed trams.  And on and on.


Here at Aussie Travel we can help you craft the Australian trip that’s ideal for you.  Whether it’s a major bucket-list dream, a special occasion or a part of a more extensive tour “down under” we’re here for you with expertise and know-how.


The first and most important thing to know when planning a trip to Oz is its sheer size: virtually the same as the Continental USA. So just as we Canadians wouldn’t dream of a two week trip combining NYC, Las Vegas, the leafy charms of Vermont, the Florida Everglades and Mount Rushmore, you have to be realistic about the sheer size of the place.


Not only could a trip designed to “tick off all the Australian boxes” be a blur of impressions and wrangling time zones (of which there are three) but chances are you’d spend a lot of time just getting from point A to B. And no one likes to spend their hard-earned vacation in a departure lounge.


Which is where we come in. Let your Aussie Travel advisor know what your top, say, five things you’d love to do in Australia and we can come up with some recommendations for you.


Like any destination, Australia can be as high end as you wish (ask us about private charter flying tours, coastline cruises and private tours).  


Lots of Canadians opt for escorted tours which not only help them make the best use of their time, often with front-of-the-line entry to major attractions and accommodation at central, pre-selected hotels.  An escorted coach tour will, additionally, take away any concerns about driving on the other side of the road.


Or, if that’s not an issue for you, we can arrange self-drive itineraries which will help you see the country at your own pace and get you off the beaten path to the small towns and farming communities which are so often the true heart of a country.


Another option that’s very popular – and a great way to meet the locals – is a motorhome vacation for all or part of your stay. Campgrounds down under tend to be better equipped and fancier than what we have here in Canada and you can become an “honourable Aussie” for a week or two.


Finally, Australia by train, such as the iconic Ghan or Indian Pacific which sweep across the country, may be just the right combo of pace and charm for you.


Another important part of your Aussie vacation planning is the timing. Australian seasons are of course the reverse of ours with November to April being prime summer – but only in the south.  If you are planning a visit to the north (“the Top End”) avoid those months as they tend to be wet and miserable.


However you choose to travel, we know you’ll love the friendliness and lack of pretension Australians are famous for. Not to mention sense of humour – see here for a list of handy Aussie slang words.  And be prepared a holiday that’s a real ripper!


We are pleased to provide you with some of our favourite suggested itineraries but we would love to help you craft a tour suited to your needs.  


East Coast Islands and Rainforest13 days

Sydney to Cairns
Explore the epic coastline of Eastern Australia on a journey that takes you from buzzy cosmopolitan Sydney to the glitzy Gold Coast and laid-back Noosa.
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Western Wonderland16 days

Perth to Perth
This Western Australia small group tour will cross off all the things on your wish list from food & wine, an abundance of nature and a diverse culture and lifestyle.
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Kakadu's Ancient Secrets5 days

Darwin to Darwin
Explore Australia's northern territory on this perfect five day addition to your visit to Australia
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