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Sail from Boston and spend 25 days exploring the best of Canada, New England, and Iceland with Betty Shukster. 

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Take in seaside charms and unspoiled wilderness on a roundtrip cruise from Boston. Experience Canada’s rugged isles, Greenland’s colourful cottages, and remote Icelandic villages.



July 29 - August 23, 2023 | Roundtrip Boston | Onboard the m.s. Zaandam 

Ocean-view stateroom (Cat. DD) CA $7,550 per person cruise only inc. taxes and fees
other stateroom categories are available, ask for pricing.  
Bonus:  Complimentary One-Night dining for two at Holland America's exclusive Pinnacle Grill.


Your Ship: Zaandam 

Designed to carry fewer guests while offering greater space, Zaandam is elegant and comfortable. Her décor is inspired by music and features musical instruments including signed guitars from Queen, Iggy Pop, Eric Clapton, and The Rolling Stones and a Baroque-style pipe organ. While on-board, enjoy regional cooking demonstrations and food and wine tastings with EXC Port to Table. Rejuvenate at the Greenhouse Spa & Salon. Indulge at any of our fine dining venues.



Boston, Massachusetts

July 29, 2023 | Embarkation | Depart 5:00 pm
New England’s largest city, Boston, Massachusetts, is home to historic sights and modern neighborhoods; stores and restaurants with old-time character; and gracious green spaces as well as a beautiful waterfront. Legendary figures of the American Revolution come alive at buildings and attractions along Boston’s Freedom Trail, including the Paul Revere House and Old South Meeting House, and in Lexington and Concord just outside Boston. Pay homage to great U.S. presidents at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and in the town of Quincy, birthplace of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

Portland, Maine

July 30, 2023 | Arrive 7:00 am | Depart 4:00 pm
Modern Portland, first settled in 1633, carries the marks of both subsets of Mainers. The restored brick buildings and warehouses of the Old Port and the fine upright houses of prosperous captains, merchants and shipbuilders make the city’s past a living part of its present. And the waterfront is a going concern, not a museum: Fishing boats chug into and out of their berths, buoys clang, harbor seals bark. Those shop windows aren’t displaying hardtack, rope or hand salve, though. Juice joints, art galleries, bookstores (and comic-book stores!), worshipful temples to coffee, locavore bistros with national press, bespoke menswear designers and gelato shops all jostle for attention. Don’t limit your visit to the Old Port, though. Wander through the terrific art museum or take a tour of one of the city’s historic homes. Jump on a ferry or whale-watching boat and get out into the busy harbor. Head to the coast—craggy, windswept, dramatic—a glorious and undeniably New England panorama.

Day at Sea

July 31, 2023
Enjoy spending the day getting to know your ship, the m.s. Zaandam.

Sydney, Nova Scotia

August 1, 2023 | Arrive 8:00 am | Depart 5:00 pm
Sydney is the largest city on Cape Breton Island, which is linked by causeway to the rest of Nova Scotia. Sydney’s attractions start at the harbor, where visitors can shop for locally made crafts and see the world’s largest fiddle, which towers beside the port’s cruise pavilion. Some of the city’s historic houses and churches date back to the 1700s and 1800s and are open for tours. Restaurants often provide live music (expect fiddles and sea chanteys) along with meals of seafood fresh-caught in nearby waters. Sydney’s galleries give visitors a chance to meet local artists and purchase their work.

Corner Brook, Newfoundland

August 2, 2023 | Arrive 10:00 am | Depart 6:00 pm
Corner Brook, a small but bustling city, is on Newfoundland’s west coast. Captain Cook initially mapped this area, known as the Bay of Islands, in 1767, and like many other Newfoundland settlements, Corner Brook started out as a fishing village. Later, one of the largest pulp and paper mills in the world was built here. Corner Brook has an impressive amount of green space—you’re always within walking distance of a park or trail. Nearby Humber Valley and the Marble Mountain offer some of the best skiing in Atlantic Canada, a big enticement for outdoor-adventure junkies. Even if you’d prefer to just take in the scenery, the rolling green mountains and the views overlooking the bay are worth the trip.

Red Bay, Labrador

August 3, 2023 | Arrive 8:00 am | Depart 4:00 pm
Red Bay, a coastal community and National Historic Site in Canada, is a beautiful introduction to rural Labrador. Its history extends back to the 1500s, when thousands of Basque whalers hunted right whales and bowhead whales for blubber, which was rendered into oil and exported to light the lamps of Europe. The whaling station itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the remains of whale oil rendering ovens and a burial ground where 140 whalers and sailors were laid to rest can still be found on nearby Saddle Island.

Day at Sea

August 4, 2023
Relax around the pool, take in a fitness class or join an onboard activity.

Qaqortoq, Greenland

August 5, 2023 | Arrive 10:00 am | Depart 6:00 pm
Located near Cape Thorvaldsen, the town of Qaqortoq is the most populous town in southern Greenland. The area has a rich history, as it has been inhabited continuously since prehistoric times. You can still see traces of Thule and Norse cultures throughout the region, starting with the ruins of the 14th-century Hvalsey Church at the nearby Hvalsey Fjord. Nearby sites of interest include Uunartoq Hot Springs—the only heated outdoor spa in Greenland—as well as Lake Tasersuaq and the permanent art installation Stone and Man, a series of 40 stone carvings by contemporary Nordic artists that is embedded into the landscape in and around Qaqortoq.

2 Days at Sea

August 6 - August 7, 2023
Two days are yours to relax, recharge and do as little or as much as you want!

Isafjordur, Iceland

Agusut 8, 2023 | Arrive 7:00 am | Depart 5:00 pm
Bordered on three sides by dramatic mountains that form a natural harbor, the idyllic town of Ísafjörður—population 2,600—serves as a charming exploration hub for the surrounding Westfjords peninsula. Settled since the 16th century, and traditionally dependent on fishing as its main source of income, its streets are today lined with old wooden houses interspersed with occasional shops, restaurants and cafés.

Akureyri, Iceland

August 9, 2023 | Arrive 8:00 am | Depart 5:00 pm
Often described as the capital of north Iceland, the country's second-largest city is both vibrant and pretty, and serves as an ideal hub for exploring the incredible landscape that surrounds it. Located at the head of a 60-kilometer fjord—the country’s longest—and surrounded by snow-streaked mountains, Akureyri was originally settled in the 9th century and was first officially mentioned as a city in the 16th century. Today it boasts a population of around 17,000, a scenic harbor and an array of interesting shops, buzzy cafés and upscale restaurants. Its main sights include the Akureyri Church, a wonderful botanical garden (founded in 1912) and the fascinating Akureyri Museum.

Seydisfjordur, Iceland

August 10, 2023 | Arrive 8:00 am | Depart 8:00 pm
The lush valleys and dramatic waterfalls of Seyðisfjörður are some of the most picturesque sights on Iceland’s east coast. And at the head of the fjord sits the colorful, lively town of Seyðisfjörð with a thriving art and music scene thanks to the LungA Art Festival and concerts in the landmark Blue Church each summer. The Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, open year round, exhibits the work of young artists and also has a popular bistro and a bookstore. Seyðisfjörð was founded in the 19th century by Norwegian settlers, who built some of the brightly painted wooden buildings you see today.

Djupivogur, Iceland

August 11, 2023 | Arrive 7:00 am | Depart 3:00 pm
Djúpivogur, a quiet fishing village with fewer than 500 residents, sits on the eastern coast of Iceland and dates back to the days of the Vikings. Despite the fearsome reputation of those who first established Djúpivogur, today what draws visitors to this remote corner of the country is its dramatic natural setting. Located on Berufjörður, it is near stunning natural wonders like the Hofellsjökull Glacier and the Valley of Waterfalls. Wherever you journey in the region, you'll come upon stunning vistas and a landscape shaped by glaciers and geothermal activity.

Reykjavik, Iceland

August 12, 2023 | Arrive 10:00 am | Depart 11:00 pm
Laid-back and effortlessly cool, the world's most northerly capital, Reykjavik, is like nowhere else on earth. With geothermal water pumping through its veins and a staggering backdrop of gnarly lava fields, majestic glaciers and rainbow-colored houses, Reykjavík is famous for its natural wonders and dramatic scenery. But what is less well known is that the diminutive Icelandic city has cultural offerings to rival many destinations twice its size. During your stop on a cruise to Iceland, enjoy one of the many shore excursions like bathing in the Blue Lagoon or take a tour of one of many world-class museums or at galleries.

Grundarfjordur, Iceland

August 13, 2023 | Arrive 8:00 am | Depart 5:00 pm
Quaint fishing villages are ubiquitous on an Iceland cruise, but Grundarfjørdur, Iceland is special. It’s on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, a piece of land that juts out to the sea in Western Iceland. Black-lava beaches, crystalline waterfalls and massive glaciers are found on this long stretch and Grundarfjørdur is a good place to jump on a tour to these natural wonders. Kirkjufell, the town’s landmark and ever-present backdrop, is purportedly the most photographed mountain in the entire country. Its fantastical good looks even landed it a role in Game of Thrones.

Day at Sea

August 14, 2023
Enjoy a wide variety of duty-free shopping in such signature shops as The Vault, Diamonds and Gemstones by Merabella, which offers the best diamonds at sea, brought to you by Effy.

Nanortalik, Greenland

August 15, 2023 | Arrive 9:00 am | Depart 4:00 pm
Nanortalik, which means "the place with polar bears," is the southernmost town in Greenland, located on an island of the same name. Founded in 1797 as a trading depot at the mouth of Tasermiut Fjord, the town is currently home to approximately 1,000 people. Although the island is named for polar bears, the chance of seeing these furry giants is fairly slim. What you will find, however, is a place of majestic beauty and friendly, welcoming residents.

Day at Sea

August 16, 2023
During a leisurely day at sea, few places help you refresh, relax and rejuvenate like the Greenhouse Spa & Salon®. This heavenly retreat nurtures every aspect of your well-being with renowned spa rituals and healing touches. In the spa, pamper your skin with facial treatments featuring premium, naturally sourced ingredients. Nurture your body, too, with massage treatments employing time-honored, hands-on massage techniques gleaned from around the world.

St Anthony, Newfoundland

August 17, 2023 | Arrive 7:00 am | Depart 3:00 pm
Near the northern tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, tiny St. Anthony (population: 2,418) predates even the famed navigator and explorer Jacques Cartier. Though he gave the town its name, it was already a seasonal camp used by French and Basque fishermen when he arrived in 1534. St. Anthony's fortunes have long been tied to the sea: Those fishermen were followed by whalers, and now tourism has become increasingly important, with whale-watching expeditions among the principal draws. Other opportunities for sightings include moose (the area has one of the world’s largest populations of them), polar bears in the spring, and icebergs as they drift south along the Newfoundland coast.

St Johns, Newfoundland

August 18, 2023 | Arrive 8:00 am | Depart 5:00 pm
Closer to London than it is to Canada’s west coast, the capital of Newfoundland, St. John’s, has long looked east and across the Atlantic. It is the easternmost city in North America, excluding Greenland, and has its own time zone, a half-hour ahead of the rest of eastern Canada. The harbor is the center of the city, with its oldest buildings and streets (including Water Street, the oldest street in North America) nearby. The rest of St. John’s sits on hills around the harbor, which has led to frequent comparisons to San Francisco. The tallest, Signal Hill, is one of St. John’s most famous sights with its panoramic views. While the city shines at a distance, it is also in the details that it charms visitors, with its houses painted in jelly-bean hues and cozy restaurants and pubs that provide relief from Atlantic breezes.

Saint Pierre And Miquelon

August 19, 2023 | Arrive 7:00 am | Depart 10:00 pm
The tiny French island of St-Pierre & Miquelon are the last remnants of the former colonial territory of New France. Enjoy the uniquely French architecture, cafes, and people.

Day at Sea

August 20, 2023
Relax around the pool, take in a fitness class or join an onboard activity.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

August 21, 2023 | Arrive 7:00 am | Depart 5:00 pm
Located on a rocky inlet on the Atlantic Ocean sits Halifax, a spirited mix of world-class history and nautical-themed museums alongside bunkers and fortresses that guarded the harbor, plus striking public art and sights, funky shops and excellent pubs. Explore the Halifax waterfront where steamships once anchored to drop off arriving immigrants at Pier 21. Savor the low-key but classy culinary scene for fresh seafood and Nova Scotia specialties, offered by street vendors, casual joints and upscale eateries with elegant settings. Along Nova Scotia's southern shores, the city is surrounded by lush greenery and charming villages that are worth the trip. Snap photos of attractions in the charming fishing village, Peggy's Cove, with its picturesque lighthouse on a rocky outcropping. Or wander the streets of Lunenburg, whose colorful Old Town is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bar Harbor, Maine

August 22, 2023 | Arrive 9:00 am | Depart 6:00 pm
Located on Mount Desert Island in Maine, Bar Harbor is the quintessential New England coastal town. This picturesque and charming town with its scenic and walkable streets lined with restaurants and boutiques. Dining on lobster is a must, as is a scoop or two at one of the town’s homemade ice cream shops. Boat tours explore the waters and islands that surround Bar Harbor, with seasonal opportunities to see wildlife—including whales—and lighthouses along the way. A favorite attraction many of guests is the magnificent Acadia National Park, an adventurer’s playground. The park, which is celebrating its centennial in 2016, is home to sites such as Cadillac Mountain, the tallest mountain along the eastern coast of the United States and the first place in the country to see the sun rise.

Boston, Massachusetts

August 23, 2023 | Arrive 7:00 pm - Disembarkation
Ask how you can extend your stay in Boston.

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